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Pictures of animals: mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, insects, spiders, crustaceans and other creatures

Animal picture: fly on flowers of thistle.
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You will here find a selection of fine pictures of animals: mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, insects, spiders, crustaceans and other creatures.

These pictures should raise awareness to help conserve the wonderful biodiversity of our amazing common Earth as a contribution to sustainable development for the benefit of future generations.

All animal pictures are professional and the copyright belongs to the photographer Soren Breiting/A-Z FOTOS ©.


Indian tiger, Felix tigris, female, laying in Ranthambore National Park, Rajashan.

The tiger is one of the endangered animals in the World that has become a symbol for nature conservation and the value of wildlife to humanity and future generations.





Longtailed makak, Macaca fascicularis, mother with baby monkey. Pininsular Malaysia, Asia.

The longtailed makak is a common monkey in South East Asia and the animals stick together in troops with an old male.

Picture copyright Soren Breiting, #SB3389.





Laughing Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae), Australia

The laughing Kookaburra is sitting on a branch and look after prey on the ground to catch. This can often be snakes.Australia has a vide variety of snakes, and the most poisoneus snakes of the world.




Adelie Penguins, Pygonoscelis adeliae, at the Antarctic Peninsular, Antarctica, in summer.

The Adelie Penguins live around the whole continent of Antarctica. When breeding they need rocky shores for nesting places.




The Seychelles magpie robin is one of the most endangered birds in the World.

The Seychelles magpie robin is only living at the island of Frigate of the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean and has been monitored for many years. Remark that this magpie robin is ringed with a red birdring around the leg.





The wasp beetle, Clytus arietis, is a longhorn beetle (from the family Cerambycidae)

The wasp beete is showing it s mimicry to look like a dangeous wasp to avoud being taken by a bird or other predator.




Great crested grebe, Podiceps cristatus, with youngs.

This grebe is carying its striped young chicks at the back between the wings, when swimming.





















Animals Europe  Africa  Asia  North America  South America  Antarctica  Australia  Farm Animals  Pet Animals

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